Sensitive Data e-Infrastructure for the Nordic Region


The Nordic countries possess wide variety of valuable individual-level data collections in digital form. Bringing these data collections available for research can bring large gains for society. For example, in the medical sciences improving the health and wellbeing of people there is possibility to develop individually tailored medication. On the other hand, the data collections constitute in personal data on individuals. The challenge for e-infrastructures is to enable utilising sensitive data for research while protecting the privacy of individuals.

In addition to medical science also fields such as social sciences and digital humanities need to use personal data in the research. The sensitive data types can range from genetics or bio sample data to interviews and video recordings, from register data to medical health records.

NeIC and Nordic Nodes of the ELIXIR research infrastructure run the Tryggve project that develops and provides secure e-infrastructure for sensitive data. The project aims to enable researchers to collaborate across country and organisational borders on sensitive data within the boundaries set by laws and regulations. The project has been granted an extension for three more years during which top experts are working to provide a leading sensitive data e-infrastructure for the Nordic region.

Antti Pursula


Wednesday, May 31

Session time:
11:00 - 12:30