Building and Operating Services for Sensitive Data for Research and Clinical Usage


This talk will describe how the University of Oslo (UiO) are working to fill the eInfrastructure gap for those researchers that work on collecting, generating, analysing, sharing and storing (often large amounts of) sensitive data. Since 2012 the IT Department of UiO along with UiO researchers have put in a lot of time, money and effort to build services that are useful, secure and flexible. The system is named TSD as this is the abbreviation for the Norwegian equivalent of “Services for Sensitive Data”.

This service now hosts approx 1000 researchers, >1 PiB data, > 270 research projects, a small HPC cluster and a means of collecting data through online questionnaires or from smart-phone apps. TSD today is a partner with Elixir Norway in the NeIC project Tryggve, and will continue as a partner in the planned Tryggve2. Early in the process of setting up TSD we received a lot of interest and focus from the Oslo University Hospital - Department of Medical Genetics. This talk will address how a research eInfrastructure has managed to grow large, and how and why the TSD expanded into delivering IT services for clinical usage, and the benefits this brings for the clinicians and for TSD.

Further, a few of the most significant features and smartphone applications connected to TSD will be discussed and demonstrated, and finally a glimpse into the future of TSD will be given.

Gard Thomassen


Wednesday, May 31

Session time:
11:00 - 12:30