The EISCAT_3D project will establish a system of distributed phased-array radars that will enable comprehensive three-dimensional vector observations of the atmosphere and ionosphere above Northern Fenno- Scandinavia. The use of new radar technology, combined with the latest digital signal processing, will achieve ten times higher temporal and spatial resolution than obtained by present radars while simultaneously offering, for the first time, continuous measurement capabilities. The flexibility of the EISCAT_3D system will allow the study of atmospheric phenomena at both large and small scales unreachable by the present systems.

The NeIC EISCAT_3D support (E3DS) project aids the future EISCAT_3D project in planning and tendering their required e-infrastructure. This includes the gathering of the EISCAT_3D use-cases and transforming these into a set of standard requirements for the various components of the overall EISCAT_3D computing e-infrastructure. The NeIC EISCAT_3D support project interacts with EISCAT_3D and Grid and Cloud e-infrastructure projects. This interaction is needed to match the expertise in EISCAT_3D with corresponding expertise in the existing e-infrastructure projects in the various fields.

In effect, the E3DS project builds the collaborations among EISCAT_3D, national e-infrastructure providers and network providers. The NeIC EISCAT_3D support project contributes by making it possible to expand and enhance the usage of existing Nordic e-infrastructures. Adding another large field of research into the existing e-infrastructures can spread the load of resource and cost-sharing. Ideally, the EISCAT_3D project will be able to use the e-infrastructure transparently and focus on atmospheric science.

John White


Wednesday, May 31

Session time:
13:30 - 15:00