ELIXIR: The European Research Infrastructure for Life-Science Data


The mission of ELIXIR is to connect, integrate and sustain Europe’s life science data. ELIXIR connects the major life-science data archives (hosted at EMBL-EBI) with national bioinformatics infrastructures throughout ELIXIR’s member states. By coordinating local, national and international resources – hosted at over 160 institutes - the ELIXIR infrastructure will meet the data-related needs of Europe’s 500,000 life-scientists.

ELIXIR is a distributed infrastructure of bioinformatics services built around established European centres of excellence. It is a permanent international research infrastructure with 21 members (20 countries and EMBL-EBI as international organisation).

In my talk I will give an overview of our current status, how we work to ensure the long-term sustainability of Europe’s core life science data resources, and how ELIXIR simplifies access to quality-controlled data, services and tools for researchers working in all life-science disciplines.

Niklas Blomberg


Wednesday, May 31

Session time:
13:30 - 15:00