Hackathon for Notebooks in Training

Hackathon for Notebooks in Training

Format: Hands-on Hackathon

Jupyter Notebooks and other similar interactive web-based tools have quickly gained popularity. They provide convenient environment for light-weight programming and for that purpose are ideal for tutorials, demonstrations and training courses. Notebooks allows to combine documentation with live code, making it easy to create interactive step-by-step exercises. In this workshop we develop and adapt notebooks to fit your training needs and ideas. The notebook environment is provided from CSC’s cloud service and previous experience with the technology is not strictly necessary.

The workshop is aimed at participants who give training, technical support for training or are otherwise interested in hacking notebooks. Programming experience will be useful, but the idea is to have different people working together and sharing their skill-sets.

Preliminary agenda

  • 13:30 Welcome and practicalities (Aleksi Kallio)
  • 13:45 Introduction to hacking notebooks with Pebbles (Jyry Suvilehto)
  • 14:00 Working with hackathon challenges
  • 15:00 Coffee available
  • 15:30 Working with hackathon challenges
  • 16:30 Wrap-up of hackathon task results
  • 17:00 End of hackathon

Workshop chair:
Aleksi Kallio

  • Tuesday, May 30, 13:30 - 17:00 (Room: Ask)